up vote 5 down vote Beneath code exhibits the values which you could get from System API, these all matters you can get by way of this API.I didn’t find precise boot flag for this system however you can check this tutorial if it could help you.In Home windows NT and OS/2, the operating system employs the aforementioned algorithm to immediately… Read More

cmd”(as administrator) on my golden picture – it operates a great deal of things but it surely dont include the machine to the advert? What am I lacking?(For identical good reasons, the appendage towards the atmosphere block related to loaded applications underneath DOS 3.0 (and higher) incorporates a reference for the load route of the executa… Read More

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* dyntrk=yes If Dynamic Tracking of FC Equipment is enabled, the FC adapter driver will detect in the event the Fibre Channel N_Port ID of a device improvements and then re-route traffic destined for that machine to The brand new address though the devices are still on the web. * fc_err_recov=fast_fail Speedy I/O failure may be fascinating in circu… Read More